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CEO Greetings

HI-CHEM (Since 1997) is a chemical material company leading the global market in Food Packaging Adhesives (POLYURETHANE), Industrial Adhesives, Water and Oil repellent for textiles, and Water and Oil resistant agents for paper .

In a rapidly changing environment, Hi-Chem is a pioneer in

As a result of not afraid of failure and striving to satisfy customer expectations
So far, we have been able to contribute to the development of various chemical materials fields.

Now, Hichem is under the mission of “We add a new dimension to your life” .
We will strive to lead the life of our customers and the field of chemical materials.

A company that puts people and the environment first
A company that realizes possibility with value
A company that challenges endlessly

We bring a new dimension to your life.

Thank you.




Myung-ho​, Song

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