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​Introduction of R&D Center

HI-CHEM started with the polyurethane research lab in 1997, and has maintained its own R&D center until now . HI-CHEM is well aware that technology research is the core of a company specializing in chemical materials, and is moving forward with the best researchers and research equipment to lead the rapidly changing market.

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R&D Department

Research & Development of Polyurethane

Polyurethane, the motto of HI-CHEM, is a core department of HI-CHEM that has been conducting all urethane-related research since 1997. HI-CHEM is focusing on talented people and all the necessary competencies for new product development.

Fluorine resin
R&D Department

Research & Development of Fluorine resin

HI-CHEM entered the new fluororesin market beyond urethane resins, and succeeded in developing fluororesins for textiles in 2005, and has been developing various fluororesins for textiles and papermaking. In addition, it has recently succeeded in developing a non-fluorine resin that does not use fluorine in 2019, and is an important research department that will become a driving force for the future growth of HI-CHEM.

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