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Plastic, which has contributed greatly to mankind, is gradually becoming the main culprit of destroying the Earth's ecosystem due to its reckless use. In particular, plastic packaging materials that are not composed of a single material are eventually not recycled and are being buried. Recently, the paper packaging industry for plastic replacement has been in the spotlight for these issues.


oil resistance.jpg

[Functional limitations of paper - Left (Oil resistance limit), Right (Water resistance limit)]

But paper still has limitations to replace plastic. In particular, the water resistance and oil resistance required to serve as packaging materials are significantly insufficient. In the past, polyethylene (PE) was used in combination to overcome these functional limitations, but alternative resources are needed due to the significant reduction in paper recycling rate.


기후 예측

Previously, fluorine-based products were mainly used as substances that can impart both water resistance and oil resistance to paper. Fluorine has the lowest surface energy and can effectively block both water and oil, but the European Environment Agency (EEA) recently reported that fluoride compounds are likely to accumulate in the environment and body, and the global environmental group Greenpeace has launched a detox campaign to regulate 11 hazardous chemicals by 2020. With most global brand companies prohibiting fluorine use, products that can replace it and give paper functionality are urgently needed.

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