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Certification performance

HI-CHEM has been certified for technology and stability by accredited certification agencies (eg, FDA ), management innovation-type small and medium-sized enterprises (MAIN-BIZ) , quality and environmental management system certificates ( ISO 9001, 14001 ), etc.

We are leading the industry through various certification records.

식품포장재용 ​폴리우레탄 접착제, 수성우레탄, 산업용접착제, 섬유용 발수발유제, 제지용 내수내유제


FDA standards certification

Test certification of FDA standards

HI-CHEM, as a food packaging material, conducts tests according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards to confirm safety in terms of important human hazards, and periodically checks the stability of the products it produces.

Management innovation type small business confirmation
Certificate of R&D Center

MAIN-BIZ certificate

Certificate of Accreditation of Corporate Affiliated Laboratory

HI-CHEM has acquired the 'Certificate of Management Innovation-Type Small Business (MAIN-BIZ)' through management innovation in non-technical fields such as marketing and organizational innovation as well as in terms of technology. has been acquired.


​Quality Management System Certificate

International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001)

HI-CHEM has obtained the Quality Management System (ISO 9001) certificate established and implemented by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to ensure quality throughout the entire production process.

​Environmental Management System Certificate

International Organization for Standardization (ISO 14001)

HI-CHEM has obtained an environmental management system (ISO 14001) certificate to manage environmental issues in advance through the participation of all employees as an international standard for environmental policies, implementation plans, implementation and corrective actions, and continuous improvement activities .

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