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This is a space to introduce HI-CHEM's CI (Corporate Identity) and BI (Brand Identity).

(※ Hi-Chem CI/BI is an intellectual property protected by the trademark law, and theft or misuse is prohibited without prior consultation with the company.)

Corporate Identity (CI)

HI-CHEM's CI is a modern watermark based on new ideas, value realization, and pioneering spirit, and is applied in blue color to convey trust to customers


Brand Identity (BI)

HIPOL and HIGUARD, BI of HI-CHEM, represent polyurethane-based adhesives and water/oil repellent agents, delivering the reliability of the product through blue color and enhancing brand awareness.

Main Color

The color system is the most important factor in realizing HI-CHEM's CI/BI system, and is widely used in various print media and sign media.


C78  M37  Y2  K0

R44  G133  B197


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